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From South Africa: Selwyn Milborrow sent me a poem

Selwyn Milborrow (1967) is a poet, living in Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandelabaai, South Africa. We know each other through Facebook. One day he saw a picture of me (24 years young in this pic) on my Facebook profile, which inspired him to write a poem. The picture was taken while I was hitchhiking in French Guyana, tired and sitting beside the road.  What an honour. Thank you Selwyn! Also for quoting me.

is it a sweet spring day

as you sit next to the road
in a strange country?

what’s in the bag next to you
is it filled with rainbows & hopes
does the city’s inner heart hear
your dreams of a better tomorrow
have you written it down in your journal
for years later to ponder on?

go on
lay your dreamy head on your hand
& enjoy the bird’s-eye view.

©2009 Selwyn Milborrow