Wanted: English Publisher

Usha Marhé’s books are part of the literature of the Indian Diaspora and the Caribbean Diaspora. Internationally the Surinamese and Dutch side of both these Diaspora’s are fairly unknown, and so is the literature written by authors from Surinamese-Hindustani descent. On the Indian Diaspora page you can read about the history of the British-Indian migration to Suriname.

Usha Marhé is the offspring from Indian ancestors, who once migrated to Suriname. Because these ancestors came from a part of British-India which was (and still is) known as Hindustan, the people in Suriname from Indian descent are referred to as Hindustanis. (In Guyana and Trinidad they are referred to as East-Indian). From her mothers side she is the fifth generation, the first generation arrived in Suriname in 1889. From her fathers side she the third generation, the first generation arrived in Suriname in 1909.

Geographically Suriname is part of South America, historically and socially it is part of the Caribbean. The Surinamese population is like ‘a little United Nations’: it is a mixture of people from all over the world. Aancestors migrated to Suriname from India, Africa, China and Indonesia, Germany and The Netherlands. Portuguese, Lebanese and also the French Hugenots found refuge in Suriname when they were in danger in Europe. The authentic inhabitants are the Amerindians. Recently Brazilian, Turkish and Moroccan people are finding their way to Suriname.

Usha Marhé wants her books to be published in English. She firmly believes that a lot of people from the Caribbean, India, London, South Africa and other mixed societies will enjoy reading her books. They will also benefit from reading her books. For example: her first book is a study about incest and can be seen as a case-study about incest in the Caribbean, because the Caribbean has the same social history as Suriname. It can also be seen as very useful in countries like India, Africa, Mauritius, Trinidad, because of the cultural and social similarity with the people of Suriname.

Do you know a publisher who might be interested in publishing her books in English? Please send Usha Marhé an e-mail with your suggestions. For questions or other comments and invitations for lectures, you can also send her an e-mail: ushamarhe@gmail.com or fill in the contact form.



Photo by Janos Beyer