4. Contact

For sending a personal or business e-mail to Usha Marhé, please fill in the contact section below. She will read your mail with attention. Answers are not guaranteed with personal emails; whenever she thinks it is needed and appropriate, she will reply your mail with an answer.


For media-contact and information about the books from Usha Marhé, you can also contact Usha herself, or Uitgeverij Van Gennep / Publishershouse Van Gennep
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 330, 1012 RW Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: (31-0) 20 – 6247033

For bookings by companies and libraries or other businesses, you can contact Stichting Schrijvers School Samenleving (The Writers Education Society Foundation): www.sss.nl ,  Huddestraat 7, 1018 HB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Phone: (31- (0)20) 6 23 49 23. Or you can contact Usha Marhé herself: ushamarhe@gmail.com